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Storage and Cleaning

i-MASK is a quality made product that will last many years, needing little care. Please follow these simple steps to ensure your i-MASK stays in top condition.

- Remove the Transparent Visor from the Coloured Headband after every match and store the Visor in its separate sleeve within the carry bag. When assembled i-MASK can easily get 'squashed' in your Squash Bag.

- Do not leave your i-MASK face down.The Visor can get scratched if left face down between games.

- Rinse out the Sweaty regularly in warm soapy water and leave to dry.

- The visor can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth or tissue.

- When new, connecting the visor to the coloured headband can feel a little tight. A spot of fairy liquid can help with the assembly and this will ease quickly over time. (Other washing-up liquids are available!).